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Imagine a life where you confidently walk away from a job that is uninspiring, where you are undervalued and underpaid. Envision a future where you make a sustainable income doing what you love, where creativity flows through you effortlessly. Picture yourself feeling deeply satisfied at the end of just a 4-hour workday, energized by the impact of your artistic endeavors.

Experience the thrill of embracing your authentic voice and realizing that you are more than enough.

If you're eager to explore transformative tools and practices from a seasoned life fulfillment coach and certified DreamBuilder Coach, I invite you to download our free guide today!

Elicit Clarity in the Midst of Endless Chaos.

Find Peace in the Unknown.

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Download the free guide now and unlock the path to finding clarity in the endless chaos and struggle, finding peace in the unknown, and piecing everything together with unwavering confidence. Discover that you have everything you need right now to take a deep breath, knowing you have an exit strategy from the soul-draining job. Gain the knowledge and empowerment to trust yourself, fully embrace your journey, and step boldly into a future that aligns with your deepest desires.

It's time to leave behind the job that drains your soul and embark on a fulfilling path where your authentic voice shines. Take the first empowering step and download your free guide today!


  • Gain clarity on your core values and their impact on your creativity

  • ​Discover how your unique perspectives and beliefs shape your artistic voice

  • ​Find the guidance and wisdom to uncover your strengths and weaknesses

  • Harness your creative talents to make a positive impact on the world, and create a sense of meaning.

  • ​Explore the influence of your personal experiences and emotions on your creative work

And so much more!

Dive Deep Into Self Discovery as a

Creative Individual and

Reclaim Your Power

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Meet The Makers

A Mother-Daughter Duo

Founders of Raindrop Inc. -- Deb's seasoned guidance and Sara's fresh perspective create a harmonious balance that resonates with individuals seeking to forge their own unique paths. Together they have created this FREE guide to help you get on the path of self-discovery as a creative individual. Scroll down to see a bit of what you'll find inside!

Deb Jones, the visionary powerhouse behind Raindrop, is a visual thinker with an unparalleled ability to cut through chaos and create simple systems that bring clarity to her clients. Deb, a seasoned life fulfillment coach and certified DreamBuilder Coach, brings to the table over two decades of experience running successful businesses, granting her invaluable firsthand knowledge of the entrepreneurial journey. Her genius lies in empowering individuals to transcend overwhelm, tap into their true potential, and take inspired action aligned with their values. Deb's direct, no-nonsense approach breaks free from conventional thinking, making her a fierce advocate for her client's success.

Sara, a recent graduate, embarked on a remarkable journey to reach her academic milestone. After navigating the societal expectations of completing high school, she emerged victorious with honors. At just 18 years old, Sara is already carving her own path as a business owner and creative soul. Her unconventional mindset and fresh perspective inspire others to embrace their creativity, challenge norms, and overcome hurdles. Having personally experienced the challenges of dyslexia, Sara harnesses her unique strengths to shape her own destiny. Together, Deb and Sara bring wisdom, experience, and youthful passion to the Raindrop community.

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